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Curacao in 6 Days

Guest post by Aliciact8

Map tips: each color represents a different day. Click a marker to learn more about the spot, and click the star in the map header to save the entire map under Your Places in Google Maps.

Day 1

Landed in Curacao in the afternoon. Picked up a rental car from Just Drive Curacao then headed over to our Airbnb. Once we got settled in we went down to the Queen Emma pedestrian bridge to see the colorful buildings and then got dinner at Mosa which was great.

Day 2: Playa Porto Marie

Spent the day at Playa Porto Marie which was a quiet beach and ended up being our favorite place for snorkeling. The beach had wild hogs which came around from time to time.

We then went back to the city to do a tour where we saw the oldest continuous Synagogue and the Kings Palace.

Day 3: Playa Grandi and Playa Lagun

Playa Grandi was incredible, we got there in the morning and saw around 10 sea turtles because the fishermen throw fish pieces into the water. It was a quiet beach and small but beautiful.

We then drove over to Playa Lagun beach which was very small and quiet. It had good snorkeling but was more so a good beach to relax at. The lunch restaurant above the beach had a great view as well.

Day 4: Little Curacao (Klein Curacao)

Took a catamaran to a small island about an hour away from Curacao. The island was small with a old lighthouse and a couple of shipwrecks. We also saw a bait ball here which was a fun experience. We really enjoyed the catamaran and recommend it.

Day 5: Christoffel National Park

Drove to the Christoffel National Park to go hiking for a view of the entire island. We had to get there early (won’t sell admission tickets after 10am). The hike up was only an hour long but definitely harder than we were expecting. Once we got up to the top the view was amazing and you can see both tips of the island.

After hiking we relaxed and then tried out another beach. Playa Kenepa had amazing reviews and was beautiful but it was a little crowded and loud the day we went.

Day 6: Mambo Beach

Relaxed at Mambo  Beach which was a more touristy beach but still worth the trip.

We went to dinner at Fort Nassau which had an amazing view of the city at night.

Curacao was an amazing experience. I would recommend staying in Willemstad and then renting a car and driving to the beaches. The best beaches were on the west side of the island and typically about 30-45 minutes away but worth it.

Year traveled: October 2019

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