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About me

My name is Beau Livengood - I'm a travel professional and a professional traveler. One of my goals in life is to have a higher number of countries visited than my age. So far, so good. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, with my wife Amanda and our twins Isaac and Eliana and we travel every chance we get.

Why The Smart Route?

The hardest part of planning a trip, for me, is trying to figure out how to fit everything together. I usually have an idea of a place we want to go or one or two things I want to do, so I spend minutes on the “what” and hours on the “how.”

Sure, there are guidebooks and sites with suggested itineraries, but they don't fit everyone's style and I know I appreciate some comparison. The Smart Route was created so you can find expert advice along with itineraries from other travelers to help you put it all together.