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Chicago Day Trip

  • Franks n Dawgs
  • Magnificent Mile
  • Millennium Park
  • Cloud Gate
  • Pequod’s Pizza

Took an early flight to Chicago, takes about an hour using the metro to get downtown from O’Hare. Walked around the Loop area just checking out the city. Had lunch at Franks n Dawgs, loved it (RIP, no longer in business). The mac n cheese was one of those things you go back for. Walked down the Magnificent Mile and spent some time at Millenium Park. Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) is actually really awesome, if you stand in the middle underneath and look up, there are some crazy reflections. Great photos in all directions. Went to Pequod’s to get deep dish pizza before our flight back, long story but they never put our order in so we didn’t even get to try it.

Cloud Gate (aka The Bean)

We went mostly to eat and check out the park, so we didn’t plan on doing any museums or spending much money. So this is a trip report more for those who just want to check out the city without dropping much money. They have a great public transit system that can get you just about anywhere, but we also walk quite a bit wherever we go. We’ve been back to Chicago a few times since this trip, mostly just for pizza. Our favorite is Giordano’s, and we now look for 2-3 hour layovers in Chicago because there’s one that’s within walking distance of the first stop on the blue line out of the airport. So even if you don’t have time to go all the way into the city, call and order when you land, pick it up, and hop right back on the metro. Only have to pay for a one-way ticket because they’re good for an hour.

If you’re in Chicago and know you’ll be going back, try to buy an all-day ticket while you’re there. They charge $5 for a ride if you originate at the airport, but $2 everywhere else. So you’ll save some dollars if you already have a pass that you bought from somewhere outside the airport.

Traveled in November 2012

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