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Salt Lake City in 2 Days

Map tips: each color represents a different day. Click a marker to learn more about the spot, and click the star in the map header to save the entire map under Your Places in Google Maps.

Day 1

  • Spitz – Sugarhouse
  • Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Salt Lake Marriott Downtown

Arrived around 10 AM, picked up rental car and drove to Big Cottonwood Canyon (25 minutes from airport/downtown SLC). Stopped at Spitz (Sugarhouse location) to grab some kebabs for lunch and I wish we would have eaten there instead of getting food to go. It was good, but wanted to try more things and it needed ketchup. Drove the whole way up the canyon and had sunshine the whole time. It was still snowy and chilly at the top – there was nothing to really see at Silver Lake, which was frozen. Would love to explore the trails in the canyon during summer, especially the hikes to Lake Blanche and Donut Falls. Glad we drove back down the canyon, because the views were even better in that direction. Stopped so many times to get out and take pictures. Spent a total of about 2 hours in the canyon. Drove to the hotel – Marriot downtown – great location and walking distance to everything. Grabbed some salads to go and called it a night since we had 6-month old twins with us and we needed to keep them on the east coast time schedule.

Day 2

  • Temple Square
  • Salt Lake Temple
  • Assembly Hall
  • Family History Library
  • Siegfried’s Delicatessen
  • City Creek Center
  • Salt Lake City Public Library
  • Salt Lake City and County Building
  • Settebello’s Pizzeria

Walked around Temple Square, very nice area. Beautiful gardens and grounds and the temple is quite impressive. Saw Assembly Hall, which is really neat too. Stopped in the Family History Center, which is basically across the street from Temple Square. You can search for your family history and go way back to see who your ancestors are and what they did. It’s free, and you could probably spend all day here.

Had lunch at Siegfried’s Deli, which has amazing German/Eastern European food and desserts. Very cheap, lots of food, can’t recommend enough.

I had a presentation at the library, which is a really nice facility but lots of homeless people in and around it. The City and County Building is right beside the library and is a huge, magnificent building. It’s hard to get pictures of it though, because trees pretty much surround it. My wife went to City Creek Center while I had to work. It’s kind of an indoor/outdoor mall with a creek in the middle of the city – not a bad place to kill a couple of hours if you’re looking to shop. Had dinner at Settebello’s pizza and had our favorite memory of the trip: eating great pizza on the sidewalk with a view of the mountains. Flew home the next day.

I really liked the views from Salt Lake City. There are mountains in almost all directions, and less than a half hour is a spectacular canyon that has tons of hiking trails for summer and great ski resorts for winter. I could see myself really enjoying living here, especially with all the national parks Utah (and other states) has within driving distance.

Traveled in May 2016

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