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Philippines in 11 Days

Guest post by ddel

Map tips: each color represents a different area of the trip. Click a marker to learn more about the spot, and click the star in the map header to save the entire map under Your Places in Google Maps.

Days 1-3 Manila

If you’re all about the nightlife, then you can start and end your vacation here. Manila is filled with bars, nightclubs, casinos, karaoke bars and malls. We spent most of our days at the malls eating, going the spas, getting massages, mani pedis, haircuts all for about a fraction of the price you would spend in the US. At night we would go out drinking and partying before returning to your hotel in the early hours of the morning. I highly recommend using the app Agoda for the best prices on hotels in the area.

Days 4-5 Zambales

Traveling in a group makes things difficult so we rented a van that seats 8 and a personal driver to take us to our friends house in Zambales (4.5 hour drive). We relaxed and ate with friends at their house and enjoyed some time on the beach. The black sandy beaches of Zambales feel like more of a man made cove than the actual ocean due to the fact there is no wildlife in the ocean, nothing but sand and salt water. The next day we took a small boat over to a small island called Potipot to have a picnic on the beach and collect some sun.

Days 6-9 Coron

The highlight of our trip began on day 6. Our driver took us to Clark Airport where we hopped on a prop plane that took us to the city of Coron. We stayed at a little Air BnB called Emy’s Place which I highly recommend for people traveling in groups. The front desk set us up with all our excursions. We took a hike to the top of Coron which entailed over 700 stairs to the top, but the views were definitely worth the sweat. After our hike the tour took us to these hidden hot springs on the island to relax in the water after the hike. The second day we had a safari planned, but the coast guard shut down all the boats for the day due to the high winds so instead we spent the day drinking and eating on the island. Day 3 was the best day in Coron. We took an island hopping snorkeling tour by boat which provided us with lunch on one of the many beautiful islands we traveled to. They follow that up with more snorkeling of a shipwreck and the beautiful coral near the islands.

Days 10-11 Manila

The last few days were travel days as we hopped back on our prop plane to Clark Airport. From there we took a bus back to Manila to spend one more night in the city before heading back to the states in the morning.

Traveled in February 2018

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