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Rome in 3 Days

Map tips: each color represents a different day. Click a marker to learn more about the spot, and click the star in the map header to save the entire map under Your Places in Google Maps.

Day 1

  • Vatican City
  • Sistine Chapel
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Castel Sant’Angelo

Took the train from the airport into the city, cheaper than a taxi and convenient. Dropped bags off at hotel and went to the Vatican. You could spend a whole day there especially if there’s a line to get in. We went into the Sistine Chapel then up top of St. Peter’s Basilica for the view overlooking the Vatican grounds (definitely worth it). We walked by and around Saint Angelo’s Castle, which is right by the Vatican.

Day 2

  • Villa Borghese
  • Piazza del Popolo
  • Spanish Steps
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona
  • Altare della Patria
  • Roman Forum

Next day we started out at Villa Borghese – the little lake/pond is quite beautiful and a great area to walk around. Check out the view over Piazza del Popolo and walk down to the square and see one of the gates to Rome. Then walked to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain (great spot but very busy), and the Pantheon (went in – very neat). Had lunch in Piazza Navona, another area to grab some food or drink and just take in the people and sights. Then walked to Altare della Patria (aka Altar of the Fatherland or Victor Emmanuel II Monument) just viewed from the outside, quite an impressive monument.

On to the Roman Forum and explored, which warrants a few hours. Would recommend a guide book or tour (guide book in my opinion, then you’re on your own schedule).

Day 3: The Colosseum

Last day we went into the Colosseum. You absolutely have to go in and spend quite a bit of time there. It’s amazing to view from the outside and the inside and think about what went on there. We spent most of the day here, then walked back up the hill towards town, had dinner and went back to the hotel. The Colosseum is close to the Roman Forum, so it might be a good idea to combine those in the same day if you can?

Rome, Italy was our first vacation to Europe and we can’t wait to go back. The history, sites and food make it stand out as one of the best cities on the continent. We stayed outside of the city and took a bus in/out each day, which was fine with us but it would be nice to be closer to all the attractions.  I’d say a minimum of 3 full days, but could easily spend more. Some might call us crazy, but I’d consider everything within walking distance. The Vatican and Saint Angelo’s castle are a bit off by themselves, but we tend to walk a lot on our vacations so it wasn’t too bad for us.  In April it was pretty hot, shorts and t-shirts everywhere we went but make sure you’re within the dress code at the Vatican.

Traveled in April 2008

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