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Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick in 1 Day

Guest post by mapletw

Map tips: click a marker to learn more about the spot, and click the star in the map header to save the entire map under Your Places in Google Maps.

I was in Fredericton for 2 days during a work trip. On the second day I drove 2 hours to Alma, which is a beautiful, tiny harbor town on the Bay of Fundy. The drive from Fredericton to Alma was really peaceful, barely anyone else on the road. Lots of trees and vistas.

Alma is not touristy, but to give you an idea of how beautiful it is, people thought my pictures were from Ireland. The main reason for this side trip was Hopewell Rocks. They are 30 minutes from Alma, and another 30 minutes from there is Moncton, which is another nice town. Pay attention to the tides: I’d recommend going to and eating at Moncton or Alma during high tide and then going to Hopewell when it’s getting close to changing to low tide. Then you can see it when the water is high and walk out when it’s low.

Hopewell Rocks

At 10:30 AM I did the walk between the guest center and the rocks during high tide. You can take a tram to or from the center, and I took tram down and walked back first time, walked down and took the tram back the second time. It’s an easy walk, no real need to take the tram, but it was cold. Saves about 15 minutes each way and is cheap ($2 each way). It costs $10 for admission, but that is good for 2 days so you have multiple chances to visit during different tides. You can spend as much time around the rocks as you want, but probably an hour here is enough.

I highly recommend the restaurant Palate in Fredericton – get the sticky toffee pudding. Isaac’s Way is another neat restaurant in Fredericton that has art for sale and pretty good food. It wasn’t very good weather in May, and I think July-September would be the best time to go.

Traveled in May 2018

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